“Metro Sky Garden”


It does what it says on the Bain Marie!

Andreas is “Get it Done Now and Evolve” one of Jakarta’s original self-starters and 20 years in Indonesia. He is after almost 10 years the only one that got “Metro Sky Garden” of the ground after as many as 10 caterers had failed to achieve there goals in BSD and at the rooftop restaurant on the German Centre.

Now, under the “Metro Sky Garden” brand. Andreas and his Team can pass on all the experience and knowledge that he has in the trade. Whether it’s a new venture, re-launch, rebrand, kitchen design, menu development, staff training and even bar and kitchen management… Andreas is the Man to help!

There are four areas in which Andreas can provide invaluable guidance and advice



“This is my baby obviously, as being a food lover for over 30 years, with my professional staff, I can create menus for your market sector and location using seasonal and local produce where appropriate. Training will be given to Indonesian Chefs and Front of House staff to ensure that the menu is executed properly and ongoing development can be offered…

…Suppliers are very important to any food outlet – you cannot cook good food from poor ingredients. Not only supplying ourselves, my own trusted suppliers, with whom I’ve built up excellent relationships, can be offered on a retainer contract basis. This will allow you to benefit from my pricing and the reassurance that, because I’ve worked with these suppliers for a long time, I know the quality of their products and service is second to none.”


“Probably one of the most important areas in any outlet! Training can be offered to Kitchen, Front of House and Bar staff. This will involve service standards, customer service, menu development and training, food knowledge, wine appreciation and knowledge, management and general understanding of the industry. Ongoing training and development can be offered on a retainer basis.”


“The main area for this is the Kitchen. You don’t always need to rip out a kitchen and put a new one in. I can prepare an audit of the existing kitchen that will include the condition of equipment, current standards, layout, usability compared to market and functionality of the kitchen. If a new kitchen is required or wanted, I can offer a vast array of companies, with whom I’ve built up a relationship over years, to install equipment, flooring, extraction, refrigeration and just about anything else you need! I can also look at bar areas to include layout, working methods, glass wash and the general functionality of the bar area if required.”


“I can recommend wines, spirits, beers, cocktails and soft drinks that will complement your menu, venue, location and market. This can also include introducing you to Wine suppliers, Sprit and Beer suppliers that will give great prices and great service.”

So if you are looking for sound advice and assistance on a short or long term contract basis, don’t hesitate to give Andreas a call to discuss…

and/or call me at (+62) 8118 402123

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