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We try to create an atmosphere for you like home, where you can try the culinary experiences that are created by our Team.

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Your Metro Sky Garden Team

At “Metro Sky Garden”, we aim to offer a personal rendition of authentic German cuisine, where traditional methods of cooking and fine Local and International produce are combined; this will give you the opportunity to experience “German Gourmet Style Cooking” and for us to continue the legacy of our common food culture which is imparting an innovative gastronomic approach in Indonesia. We view it as a challenge to bring a regeneration of German culinary craft to Indonesia  and it is our vision to encompass the North European Cultures and tastes to benefit our clientel with its distinctive tastiness and special regional character.

What you will find here at “Metro Sky Garden” is not centered so much on olive oil, foie gras, sun-dried tomatoes and Mediterranean black olives; it is more than that. It is an effort to combine phenomenal fresh and tasty ingredients from Indonesian markets and combine them with our culinary vision to provide the opportunity to combine them to provide unique, original, innovative and interesting dishes for our customers.

We are constantly on the lookout for herbs in the natural environment, including certain varieties that other people do not generally feel like gathering. We are also interested in working with raw ingredients which have no part in any systems of formalized cultivation and which therefore cannot be obtained through the ordinary channels of distribution.

We are smoking, salting, pickling, drying, grilling and baking our own goods to come closer to the taste of Germany and its surrounding cultures. We are using traditional German methods to produce our own smoked fish varieties and frozen foods and concocting our own starters to produce our finest home made breads in Indonesia.

Our restaurant, catering and home delivery uses only imported beef from Australia and local fish and seafood from South Indonesian waters. Fresh pork and pork products like traditional sausages and hams are also supplied locally under supervision and production of a German “Master Butcher” and therefore this stands for highest quality and authentic taste.

A rich variety of fresh herbs and vegetables (as used in classic German food) can be found in the cool valleys and gardens of the surrounding Bogor Mountains. Parsley, chives, rosemary, thyme and sage of outstanding flavor are commercially farmed as well as carrots, celeriac, beans and all kind of cabbage and lettuces. From time to time we have to import and organize original German Ingredients for Winter dishes as “Grünkhohl” (green cabbage), or seasonal dishes like “Seezunge” (Dover Sole), “Frischer Spargel” (fresh asparagus) and other flavors and dishes. Without going that extra mile in sourcing our ingredients, we cannot truly reproduce the taste our customers would expect to produce a authentic cuisine for their experienced palates. Nor can any other vendor in Jakarta!!!

We are making a systematic use of these Imported meats, local ingredients, fishes and creating the “Home Taste” for imparting a lively freshness and “edge” to our dishes.

Our vision at “Metro Sky Garden” is to create and to prepare a distinctly advanced kind of cuisine, without compromise to our patently authentic German cuisine which has a pureness and simplicity to its’ structure and preparation.

Home Food Delivery was another one of our visions which has come to fruition. We have incorporated all of the above elements; fresh ingredients, smoked foods, fresh produce and all quality controlled to provide our customer with the optimum service for home cooking.

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